Apart from supplying new mixer units, Mixtec has been actively retrofitting existing mixer drives with the very latest wet-end technology. By applying the simple principle of “why throw it away when you can repair it”. Mixtec has replaced several impeller systems by simply replacing the blades and refurbishing the shaft and couplings. The payback on power saving alone can be measured in months, and additional benefits include lighter loads on the gearboxes and lower carbon losses in C.I.P. plants. You can depend on Mixtec to offer you the most cost effective solution to your mixing problems.

If you have existing mixers, that were not supplied by Mixtec, and are no longer satisfied with the level of service you are receiving from your current supplier; Mixtec can offer to retrofit your existing agitators with replacement blades, shafts or drives. Retrofitted parts will come complete with the necessary adapters to ensure they fit your existing units.

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