Mixtec's Impeller Range

We utilize the latest generation of high-efficiency hydrofoils which significantly reduce operating costs. In addition to our hydrofoil range, we can select from our wide variety of impeller types to best suit your application requirements. Our impellers are available in a wide range of materials and linings.


Carbon Steel, 304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, 904L, Alloy 2507, Alloy 2205, Titanium, Hastelloys, Inconel, LDX2101.


Soft Natural Rubber, Chlorobutyl, Bromobutyl, Nitrile, Ebonite, Fibre Glass (GRP), Nordbak products, Epoxy Paints. Polishing, Halar and Ultralar (ECTFE).

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These impellers are the latest generation of our high efficiency hydrofoils which reduce operating costs and result in smaller more cost effective drives. They are the most widely used impellers for low to medium viscosity blending and solids in suspension applications. Their strong axial flow allows for sufficient off bottom spacing to ensure that the impeller does not become bogged in settled solids should the mixer be shut off.

Up pumping variations are also used in combination with other impellers to maintain uniform mixing throughout the vessel at lower power inputs. Modifications can be made to the HA715 to ensure that it generates sufficient flow rates even when the impeller is required to be in very close proximity to the tank bottom.

The HA747, HA757 and HA857 have three blades and slightly different properties for specific high viscosity applications. When combined with other impeller configurations they can meet the exact standards of high precision chemical and industry processes.

Viscous products require higher power inputs and different design criteria to more water-like products. Mixtec has been designing mixers and anchors for highly viscous products for over 30 years and can design mixers capable of handling in excess of 1 million centipoise.

Mixtec is also very familiar with many products that are non-Newtonian in nature and understands what is required to achieve your process.

The HA736 and HA836 has been specifically designed as a gas dispersion impeller and is also used in solids suspension applications when settling rates are very rapid. This unique design insures proper gas dispersion and generates a very aggressive flow rate, which is required in many mining and industrial mixing applications.

The HA790 is a Rushton turbine with six to eight horizontal blades that move the fluid radially outward. This impeller is used for high shear mixing applications and in some cases can be used near the bottom of the mixing vessel.

The HA791 is a vertical flat blade turbine for mixing very close to the tank floor. The higher shear rates produced makes it an excellent choice for high power per unit volume applications such as attritioning and conditioning. A central disc improves gas dispersion by forcing the rising gas towards the higher speed impeller tips, thus accelerating precipitation reactions.

The traditional curved blade turbine of the HA793 and HA794 is used primarily in water treatment applications. The non-fouling blade geometry is vital for continual unhindered mixing. However, due to higher power demands, these impellers are mostly replaced by the AS700.