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We focus on the specific process considerations or your application, the mechanical integrity of the mixing components and the drive system integrity to ensure the best solution. All Mixers are custom designed by our highly trained mixer design specialists. High quality mixing equipment for all industries and applications.

We match the right impeller with your mixer by considering the profile, pumping and power needs of your application. We factor in the velocity gradient, superficial (in-tank) velocity, pumping rate, tank turnover rate, tanks shape, liquid level variation, location of impellers and direction of pumping to ensure a successful solution.

In most cases our mixers consist of a motor and drive system, output coupling, mixer shaft, seals and various impeller assemblies. Given the wide variety of applications and processes that Mixers and Agitators can be used for, we have divided them into different series: Open top tanks, Closed top tanks that require sealing, large scale industrial agitators, side entry mixers and in-line static mixers.

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The Mixtec 250 Series range of mixers are direct driven from the motor for Large High Shear, or small scale mixing applications. Applications can include 200L Drum Mixers, Flow Bin/Bulky Box Mixers, Homogenisation and High Shear Mixing.

Mountings for the 250 Series include: Baseplate, Angle Bracket, Angle Clamp, Angle Riser, Stool/Pedestal. These mixers are light and easy to move from tank to tank. 200L Drum mixers utilise a "Bung Adapter" which enables it to screw directly into the drum's nozzle without a need for any additional mounting. Impeller configurations for Direct Drive. The 250 Series can also make use of the Mixtec Swing Wing impeller, this impeller unfolds when the mixer is started, allowing the folded impeller to fit into small nozzles and take its proper shape while mixing.

250 Series Mixers are recommended for Small Vessels less than 1m in diameter but can can also be used in high shear mixing applications and can go up to 45kW using the HS700 High Shear Disk.

250 Series Mixers are however not recommended for products that will foam or are shear sensitive due to their high speed nature they exert a lot of shear which can damage certain products.

The Mixtec 1000 series is a versatile, medium-duty range of Mixers and Agitators that consist of a Motor, Gearbox, and Baseplate and is used for open tank applications and require base-plate mounting.

The 1000 series is suitable for tanks that are too large to use direct drive (Series 250) mixers. The 1000 Series can be used for any open tank application with various mounting options available, including: Standard Flat Baseplate, Raised Baseplate (Often used in the water treatment industry) and Angle Riser (Mixer mounts at 10 Degrees)

The 1000 Series can be mounted in the tank center when used with tank baffles, off-centre without baffles, in vessels with conical, dished or flat bottoms. During the quotation stage Mixtec issues a General Arrangement Drawing which includes the Live Loads the Mixer will exert, this will allow you to design a support structure capable of handling the loads produced. Mounting Structures need to be rigid and robustly designed to prevent any flexing or twisting caused by the Mixer, weak structures can lead to premature gearbox failure.

Mixtec's 2000 Series Mixers and Agitators are designed to suit closed and sealed vessels. Different process requirements need different types of seals; Mixtec offers a wide range of sealing arrangements including Lip Seals, Packed Glands, Moat Seals and Mechanical seals. Depending on the sealing requirements we will Custom design a pedestal incorporating your seal into an easy to maintain drive assembly. 

Mixtec utilises the 2000 series when dealing with processes such as Autoclaves, Sugar Pan Mixers, Heat Transfer Applications, Mass Transfer Applications, Bitumen Make-Up and many more.

Heavy Duty 4000 Series Agitators are built to tackle the larger tanks, mainly used in the mining industry. Tanks can often reach 20m in Diameter by 20m High, Mixtec welcomes the challenge, with shafts being manufactured over 21m long including 2 in-tank couplings we have been able to achieve a run out of only 3mm, well below the industry accepted average of 1mm per meter. 

Some of our larger installations include Mixtec's HA720 hydrofoils, at almost 8m in diameter each blade on the impeller weighs over 1000kg and with our larger HA736 Impeller's blade exceeding 2500kg. Gear drives incorporating 355kW motors power these 40+ Tonne Agitators. Mixtec prides itself on excelling in providing large scale heavy duty mixers and agitators, more often than not in batches of between 6 and 16 at a time.

The most common 4000 series Agitators we supply are in the mining industry, mostly for CIL & CIP applications, but also for Neutralisation tanks, Cyanide Destruction, Surge & Buffer Tanks. Water treatment plants have also grown in scale and with it, the need for larger Mixers in the Anoxic and Anaerobic Zones, similarly with the growing need for Acid Mine Water neutralisation, the 4000 series fits comfortably in Water and Waste-water treatment plants worldwide. 

Mixtec's 5000 Series consists of various ranges of side entry mixers, the 5050, 5000, and 5500.

The 5050 series is a Direct Drive side entry mixer for smaller simpler applications that do not require complicated sealing arrangements.

The 5000 Series mixers are simple pedestal mixers incorporating a shut-off device for easy seal maintenance, mounted horizontally with the seal arrangement of the customers choosing.

The 5500 Series is a V-belt driven side entry mixer incorporating a shut-off device for easy seal maintenance. The 5500 series is extensively used in Pulp and Paper applications and range from 5.5kW to 45kW.

Side Entry Mixers
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Inline Static Mixers allow for in situ mixing of fluids in a pipeline. Low maintenance and reliable results which can be installed into existing pipework. 

With a wide variety of applications Static Mixers vary widely in their materials of construction. Mixtec manufactures its INSTAMIX range from plastics and steels such as: HDPE, PVC, UPVC & PVDF, Polypropylene, 304L/316L/904L Stainless steel, Hastelloys, Alloy 2205 & 2507 and Titanium. In order to make our static mixers more cost effective, we also offer a range of coatings that can be applied to the mixer internals to make them more chemical resistant without the added cost of manufacturing the entire mixer from expensive steels. Our coatings include: Epoxy, Rubber, Lining, Halar & Ultralar (ECTFE), Fiberglass, PTFE and Polishing.

Static Mixers are designed specifically to suit your application, with the option of having multiple inlets, you will be able to insert probes downstream to monitor the process. With static mixers exceeding 2.1 m in diameter, we are confident we can handle even the largest installations.

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