Today, Mixtec is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial agitators and mixers. The Mixtec group currently has seven manufacturing plants worldwide. Our partners are based in the United States, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Chile and New Zealand. In addition to our worldwide Mixtec Branches, we also have agents who cater to markets in which we do not have a physical presence. To contact one of our worldwide partners Click Here

Every Mixtec office has its own research and development department as well as design, engineering and commissioning personnel who are trained to apply the latest fluid mixing technology for every application and installation. The different specialities of each Mixtec office allows us to quickly tap into a wealth of design experience and expertise, expanding our overall knowledge base and enabling us to confidently satisfy our customer's needs no matter where they are located.

Our efficient design method ensures that our mixers are both economical and robust. We have aligned ourselves with multiple commercial gearbox manufacturers, so we can find the best-fit drive at the lowest cost for any application. We have the experience and the technology to provide you with the mixer or agitator that you need.

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